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WHEREAS, the Council was formed as a nonprofit charitable and educational organization whose purpose is to provide assistance and support to the activities of the United States Marine Corps. The Council’s purpose includes the following:

 (i)                 the provision of assistance and support to the activities of the United States Marine Corps (the “Marine Corps”);

 (ii)               the provision of assistance and support to, as well as the coordination of, the activities of individuals or entities providing assistance and support to the activities of the Marine Corps and to Marine Corps related activities;

 (iii)             to improvement of the quality of life of individual Marines and their families, whether through the provision of humanitarian aid and the like, or otherwise;

 (iv)             the provision of direct assistance to the Marine Corps recruiting, reserve and unit detachment activities, whether through incentive and award programs, publicity, visible community leadership and the like, or otherwise;

 (v)               the support of educational programs, projects, activities and endeavors focused on the dissemination of the Marine Corps core values of honor, courage and commitment, as evidenced and embodied within the traditions and lore of the Marine Corps; and,

 (vi)             support of the Marine Corps “Marine for Life” concept, whether through the provision of assistance to individual Marines transitioning from active duty in the Marine Corps to civilian life, or otherwise.


The US Marine Corps Coordinating Council of Oklahoma, Inc. has been approved by the IRS as a 501(c)3 charitable organization.

Oklahoma Marine Corps Units

USMC School of Fires, Fort Sill, Lawton
Col J.W. Stoutenborough USMC, (580) 442-6311

Marine Recruiting, Oklahoma City
Maj Darryl Gravelle USMC, (405) 609-8762

NROTC, University of Oklahoma, Norman
Capt Chase King USMC, (405) 325-3001

Fox Battery, 2nd Battalion, 14th Marines, Oklahoma City
Capt Jacob P. Fairbanks USMC, (405) 737-7883

Anti Tank Co., Broken Arrow
Maj Zachary W. Peters (918) 279-3801

MCJROTC, Bixby High School, Bixby  
Col Chris French USMC (Ret), (918) 366-2200

MCJROTC, Sapulpa High School, Sapulpa  
LtCol Bill Shannon USMC (Ret), (918) 224-6560 ext 2774

MCJROTC, US Grant High School, Oklahoma City
LtCol Shane Rossow USMC (Ret), (405) 587-2330

Marine For Life, Oklahoma  
GySgt Luigi Franco USMCR, (405) 820-8229

Young Marines, Tulsa
Thomas A. Blair Detachment
John Thurman (918) 640-1170

Oklahoma Marine Corps Support Organizations

Marine Corps League, Oklahoma
Danny Thomas (405) 626-7047

Albert E. Schwab Detachment, Tulsa
Bob Pittman (918) 697-2453

Sooner Detachment, Oklahoma City

Sgt Justin L. Noyes Detachment, Claremore
Tony Fuller (918) 830-0527

Boomer Detachment, Lawton
Chris Houlahan

Osage Detachment, Fairfax 

John Henry Mashunkasey, (918) 847-2703

Indian Nations Detachment, McAlester
Christopher Tadlock (910) 340-1319

LCpl Gabe Clevenger Detachment, Miami
Steve Maxson (918) 219-3229

Cpl Joshua Ware Detachment, Sallisaw
Commandant Charles Cloud 918-774-4497

Women Marines Association, Area 6

OK-1, Tulsa  
Harriet Frank, (918) 742-6837

OK-2, Oklahoma City  
Pam Bloustine , (405) 842-4312

Wake Island Defenders  

Chosin Few  
Paul McWilliams, (918) 633-7031

Native American Marine Corps Association

Semper Fidelis Society, University of Oklahoma, Norman  
Capt Chase King USMC, (405) 325-3001

Hard Corps MC (Oklahoma Devil Dogs)
Adjutant, Big Tow

First Marine Division Association
Jack Austerman, (405) 773-8789

Second Marine Division Association
Lucy Shank, (580) 922-4265

Third Marine Division Association
Unknown, (   ) ___-____

China Marine Association
Unknown, (   ) ___-____

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